About Me

Hi! I’m Tim Day below you can learn a bit more about me. I’m a game maker concerned about making compelling interactive experiences for anyone and everyone. Through programming and design I wish to provide quality experiences with games that anyone can enjoy. This site shows you just some of the work I’ve done; please contact me if you have any questions!




Education: Bachelor’s of Science in Computer Science with a Concentration in Game Programming and DevelopmentĀ at Drexel University.

Pursuing a Master’s in Digital Media at Drexel University.

Professional Interests: Game Development and Design. In particular I enjoy working on tools and support systems for other developers to use. At my company, Sweet Roll Studio, I focus on the design and development of the content pipeline in our games in addition to the overall design of the games.

Game narrative and storytelling. My master’s thesis is primarily focused on how to make choices feel more important in a game.

Teaching and outreach–spreading the good word of game development.

Employment Experience: Research Assistant, Drexel Procedural Expression Lab
Research Assistant, Entrepreneurial Game Studio
Motion Platform Researcher, Drexel University
Game Logic Programmer, Kollect
Web Services Intern, Comcast
Teaching Assistant, Drexel University
Development and QA, Shenandoah Studio LLC.
Co-Founder and Lead Developer, Sweet Roll Studio LLC.
Other Interests: 3D Printing; I’m convinced I’ll print something that’s as useful as it is fun soon… yes, definitely soon.

Coffee–my best friend just might be my french press…

Traveling as much as I can. I’ve been just about all over the US. I’ve also lived in Seattle, the Bay Area, New Jersey, the Central Valley, and Philadelphia.

I collect board games and have a collection just growing slightly over three shelving units now.

Contact Me: tim@timjbday.com | the.tday@gmail.com