Abstract & Thematic Games

Oh hey, a blog post! I felt like writing so I did. Aside from the oddball article and opinion, like this, table top gaming is seemingly thriving. Risk is boring, Monopoly is pretty much bad, and Chess is… well chess is just ancient. Yet I have a huge tabletop collection because most board games are far from bad. When

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Game Juice

This video rocks. I absolutely adore it. In the video two guys take a boring breakout clone and turn it into a crazy and fun example of what small little details can do. The concept of making a game juicy is super important in design, development, and presentation. The more I’ve focused on juice the

Favorite Game

To kick off an actual blog where I try to organize thoughts on various projects and games in general I wanted to start with a fun topic: my favorite game. Specifically, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. And why!

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