Drive On Moscow: War in the Snow

Game by Shenandoah Studio

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Date: September 2013 – January 2014
Description: Drive on Moscow: War in the Snow is the second game in a series by Shenandoah Studio, a small studio based in downtown Philadelphia, PA.  Moscow is a war game, players control the Axis or Soviets and play against either a human or AI opponent.  The objective for the Soviets is to protect Moscow and maximize Axis losses, the Axis attempts to capture moscow and decimate the Soviet defenders.
Responsibilities: Developer and Intern at studio while game was originally released.Responsible for a large part of the iPhone and iPod port of the game known as Drive on Moscow “2.0”.

Implemented iPhone interfaces and most platform specific features.

Worked on implementation of remote marketing features–creating an infrastructure for people to create and add new advertisements into the game.

Designed an AI general used in the game, the Axis general Guderian.

Did some quality assurance work leading up to the initial release

Tech Stuff: On this project I utilized many different skills–Objective C utilizing the Kobold-2D and UIKit frameworks for iOS apps.  PHP, Javascript, HTML for creating the web back end for some of the advertisements.