EnAble Games

A Physical Therapy Game Company

Date: January 2015 – Septebmer 2015, Continuation of Kollect
Description: EnAble games is a company & service that provides video games for the disabled. Kollect, a previous project of mine, was the proof of concept for games that could be used to improve physical therapy. EnAble games is a new company that is developing that technology further.This includes developing new games and improving old ones. Kollect has been updated heavily to utilize the Kinect v2 and new games are being worked on.

Along with the games is a framework for tracking player performance so that therapy professionals can improve patient’s performance and, ultimately, lives.

Responsibilities: Lead developer and designer. I have been with EnAble games since the beginning. I have been architecting most of the major technologies. This includes the various APIs & packages to be used in the games.I coordinate with our professional therapists on the team to meet objectives related directly to physical improvement in patients.
Tech Stuff: The games are built in Unity 5 using Microsoft’s Kinect SDK for the second version of the Kinect.The games communicate with a web backend built in Node JS. The data format is serialized using fullserializer created by Jacob Dufault

Visit enablegames.com to view the current platform!