Fantasy Fairways

Golf Game Where You Need A Hole In One

 Currently available on Steam.

Date: June 2015 – Present
Description: Fantasy Fairways is the third game from my small indie game company Sweet Roll Studio LLC.¬†Fantasy Fairways is a 2D golf game for PC where you have to get a hole in one in every time. To do this, players place ‘gizmos’ that can affect how the ball travels. Bounce it off trampolines, go through portals, there’s a wide variety of options to explore. The game was initially developed in a mini ludum dare game jam before it was turned into a full game.
Responsibilities: Project lead and developer. Fantasy Fairways is my third project at Sweet Roll Studio and I aimed to expand and improve our process. To that end I proposed this game as a game with a simple concept that we could polish over a longer period of time. In the game jam, I created a core prototype that we used to attract new members to the team as we rebuilt the game from scratch. I focused on implementing and design the major systems of the game and, once implemented, delegated content creation. I focused on building tools that allowed easy level creation. For example, a unity extension that would take image files of our levels and generate them into proper game scenes.
Tech Stuff: Fantasy Fairways was built in Unity3D. The biggest technical innovation in the game is our pipeline to handle our levels. Our levels were authored in exceedingly high resolutions (sometimes 16k plus). We did this to allow players to zoom in and out in our levels and maintain a high level of detail. However, Unity doesn’t handle images that large so I created a system to handle this by breaking the large images into jigsaw like arrangements that were then reconstructed in Unity one at a time via some automation.