fLight, The Drexel Ride

Motion Simulator Gaming Framework and Game

Drexel Research Day, Computation and Modeling Award Winner

Drexel Computer Science Department, Senior Design Winning Project

Date: September 2012 – September 2013
Objective: Create video games and game tools for a motion platform/simulator
Responsibilities: Operator of motion platform; included day to day maintenance.
Created Android controller to move machine.
Adapted existing game projects to work on simulator.
Created new game demos.
Documented system.
Reverse engineered platform’s communication protocol.
Helped manage group of seniors learn to use the platform.
Presented and demoed simulator at various events
Skills/Languages: Network programming, Android SDK, Unity3D.
Java, C, C#
Game Description: Networked, cross-platform game.
Two players sit in simulator: one drives while the other “shoots”.
The shooter uses a wii-remote to light beacons on the map
Players waiting in line use mobile devices to interact with simulator players
All input and interaction with players on mobile devices can be felt on the simulator

Gameplay Video