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Date: June 2013 – Now;  Game is out and still being updated
Description: Galactikitties is the premiere game from Sweet Roll Studio LLC.  The game studio I co-founded.  Galactikitties is a game inspired by classic arcade games with a Katamari Damacy twist.  Collect cats in space with a ball of yarn.  Each cat makes a larger and larger ball to manage.  Every cat makes it easier to get hit by asteroids and satellites.
Responsibilities: Director and Lead Developer.  I handled much of the tasks on Galactikitties especially in regards to development.  I also managed the three person team working on the project.  I worked with closely with our artist(s) and other developers to ensure that the game was completed with a group of students all with their own set of student responsibilities. Worked in close association with Drexel University’s Entrepeneurial Game Studio
Tech Stuff: Galactikitties is created with Unity in C#.  Animations and art is in large part done with the Spine Animation Tool.