Kollect, A Kinect Game for Kids with Cerebral Palsy

Date: June 2012 –¬†January 2015, Revived as part of EnAble Games
Description: Kinect based game for disabled users.
Designed originally for Cerebral Palsy patients.
Customizable to be played by any disabled user.
Collect shapes to generate highest score possible.
Stat collection for use by patient’s physician.
Responsibilities: Co-Creator
All programming, game and website
Present and demo project
Test Cerebral Palsy patients
Tech Stuff: Created in Unity3D.
Used ZigFU for Kinect development.
Game reports to MySQL DB.
Statistics available at: www.drexelkollect.com

ExCITe Center: Cerebral Palsy Physical Therapy with Kinect from Girish Balakrishnan on Vimeo.