Malevolence Inc.

by Sweet Roll Studio LLC.

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Date: June 2013 – May 2015
Description: Malevolence Inc. is the second game from Sweet Roll Studio. It is also the capstone senior project for myself at Drexel University. Malevolence Inc. is set in a 70’s themed world of villainy and sometimes disco. It is a competition to find the world’s greatest villain. Gameplay sees players take turns placing traps in a level. Next players run through the level avoiding the traps they and their opponents have placed. Falling into a trap loses a life. The last player standing is declared the greatest villain.
Responsibilities: Lead designer and developer. Malevolence Inc. saw Sweet Roll Studio grow to a team of eight. In large part I oversaw development of the project itself. I worked with our art team to ensure all art made it into the game in an organized fashion. This meant developing a pipeline that worked for everyone involved.I also designed and implemented the major gameplay systems. Selecting and placing traps and then running through the level. Design was based off of user and tester feedback in one on one sessions to demo nights and events at various places in the Philadelphia area.Worked in close association with Drexel University’s Entrepeneurial Game Studio
Tech Stuff: Malevolence Inc. was created with Unity in C#.  The art was created largely in Maya. As a fully 3D mobile game Malevolence Inc. required a heavy focus on optimization and the group utilized a variety of tools to accomplish that (batching, light baking, etc.)