The 2 Hour Bullet Hell

Self challenge, an experiment: game jam style game



Date: November, 2013
Description: This was a project made in 2 hours in 1 sitting.  The goal was to see how far I could get with just a basic idea in 2 hours.  I’ve always found bullet hell games fun and I wanted to try and capture some aspects of the game, quickly.  This game was actually reasonably fun and successful and I like to show it to friends and people interested in games as something you can do fast.  By focusing and getting to work I made a simple game that, with a lot more work, could be exciting.I wanted to emulate the experience of game jam in an even shorter time frame.  What would happen if it was taken to the extreme?  I found that, with a strong basic idea, I could get a lot done in 2 hours just working from scratch, using basic shapes as art.
Responsibilities: I created all art and code.
Tech Stuff: The game was made with no technical goals in mind other than for it to be functional.  In fact, the lack of goals was a requirement.  I did not want to get caught up in technical problems.  I chose a simple platform with simple controls and focused solely on gameplay and very, very, basic art and effects.Used the construct 2 game making tool.  It was a suggestion to try and use a simple tool for something so fast.

Game is playable online (click here to play) – Arrow keys to move, spacebar to restart