Desert Fox: Battle of El Alamein

Game by Shenandoah Studio

Desert Fox in the App Store

Date: December 2013 – June 2014

The Desert Fox: The Battle of El Alamein is the third crisis in command game made by Shenandoah Studio.  It uses a system similar to the previous games in the series though it is expanded to a large desert environment.  The game introduces faster gameplay with units that can move much further.  The battle is back and forth over longer stretches of time for a much more drawn out campaign with fast paced skirmishes intermixed with longer phases to resupply and reorganize one’s armies.

Responsibilities: Developer and Intern at studio while game is being developed.Like my work on the game’s predecessor (Drive on Moscow), largely responsible for the iPhone and iPod ports of the game.Worked on improving several user facing elements of the game, like the borders drawn between areas on the map.  These improvements improved the workflow of the crisis in command series Drive on Moscow and El Alamein belong to.  Later I returned to Shenandoah to provide some extra Quality Assurance manpower gearing up towards release of the game.
Tech Stuff: Work on El Alamein was Objective C in Xcode for the most part, unlike my work with Drive on Moscow I was more focused on the cocos layer of the project and some openGL aspects