Toy Town Showdown

Also known as ‘Bosscraft’

by Team Barely Dragons

For Drexel’s Games Workshop 1 & 2 courses.

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Date: June 2014 – September 2014;  Class ended
Description: Toy Town Showdown pits Toys against each other in arena combat! Two players attempt to knock the other out. One player controls a squad of 5 toys in Real-Time-Strategy esque combat. The other player controls a singular mighty boss character which controls like a champion from a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA). Each player has access to a broad array of abilities to dispatch their opponent. The game attempts to emulate a bite-sized competitive version of raids from MMO style games. A team of several champions fights against a large boss! In this game, that’s the squad of toys vs. a big boss. The game has 10 toys and 2 bosses to choose from.
Project Backround: Drexel’s Game Workshop course sequence is a 2 term process. In the first term 2+ groups of 4-5 students work on game concepts. In the second term, the groups come together and vote on their favorite idea. Together, in a large team, they attempt to bring the game to completion.Toy Town Showdown started out as a game called Bosscraft. In term 1, the game was based in a fantasy world much more like the games it takes inspiration from. The game was chosen by the various groups to be worked on in the second term where it was re-envisioned as a Toy Battling game. The decision was made here to make the game networked multiplayer compatible.
Responsibilities: Producer and Lead Developer.  The initial game design was handled by myself until production started. The team was sorely lacking in programming experience and I had to take charge on programming. The team deciding to make the game networked vastly increased the complexities of a game such as this. A major success of the project was a working online implementation.
Tech Stuff: Toy Town Showdown is created with Unity in C#.  Animations and art done by the rest of team in Maya.For the networked multiplayer, the Photon Unity Networking package was used.